Client Background


Sugar Australia is the region’s leading supplier of quality refined sugar products, supplying both industrial and domestic customer sugar markets. Sugar Australia also markets CSR Sugar and is responsible for “dry bulk” import and export, and all associated transport supply chain operations.


The company was struggling to adhere to outdated, overly complicated Maritime Security Plan. We came on board to assist in developing a new Maritime Security Plan that incorporated recent updates to the relevant legislation as well as broader principles from the MTOFSA, ISPS Code and SOLAS. 



Recognised as an expert with an extensive professional network, familiar with the wharf and Port of Melbourne operating environments, ComplyNow Consulting was tasked with preparing Maritime Security Plan that complied with MTOFSA and ISPS Codes.



The newly developed security plans provided a simple yet comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s specific requirements. The Maritime Security Plan also delivered considerable cost efficiencies, resulting in improved resource allocation and budgetary outcomes for the client.