We have considerable experience implementing integrated safety, quality, security and environmental management systems – complemented by specialist Chain of Responsibility and auditing expertise – across a number of industries.

Construction Project


With experience spanning both industrial and residential construction projects, Jovana has developed and managed compliance requirements and systems for a diverse array of construction projects. These range from transforming greenfield sites into warehousing and storage facilities to constructing a bridge over a major arterial road, building manufacturing facilities such as a slag milling facility.

Electrical Inspectors


Working at a leading engineering consultancy AECOM ensured Jovana developed extensive experience supporting and implementing safety, quality and environmental management systems for engineering projects across a number of engineering disciplines. These include transport, civil (roads and structures), rail, environmental, electrical, materials, energy, and buildings engineering.

Crane Scaffolding 2


Heavy industry has demanding compliance requirements, considering the nature and complexity involved in heavy and large equipment, facilities, products and subsequently higher capital intensity. All of ICL’s sites and subsidiary companies are classified as heavy industry, and Jovana has over five years’ experience managing all aspects of safety, quality and environmental issues across these sites.

Aluminum Supplier


Shipping Containers


Through her roles at Independent Cement and Lime and its subsidiary companies, a tenant of Melbourne’s Port, Jovana offers considerable expertise partnering with the port authority and other port tenants to ensure compliance with stringent maritime safety, security, quality and environmental requirements. She has also represented clients on a number of Port of Melbourne run committees, alongside other port tenants. This has included enabling safe and secure shipping, berthing and docking and discharge of dry bulk product.

Truck and Warehouse


Managing compliance for Independent Cement and Lime – together with multiple subsidiaries and partners – has ensured Jovana has extensive knowledge of the complex compliance requirements involved in transporting goods. These include Chain of Responsibility obligations specific to transport providers and all associated stakeholders in the transport supply chain.