Compliance is an increasingly complex business requirement. Workplaces and industries are dynamic and constantly evolving – and so are standards, regulations and codes. New risks arise, new technologies are implemented, and changes to business operations need to be managed. Businesses are under constant pressure to keep up.


ComplyNow Consulting was developed in recognition of a real need for businesses to have a quality, cost-effective solution to manage compliance. Founded by Jovana Obradovic-Tantra, an expert with over ten years’ experience managing safety, quality and environmental management, ComplyNow Consulting is a specialist compliance consulting service.


Drawing on over ten years’ experience in a diverse array of industries – including manufacturing, warehousing, heavy industry and transport, logistics, engineering and construction – Jovana cuts through the complexity of legislation, standards and regulations and develops practical systems and processes that enable compliance.


Jovana works in partnership with clients to provide quality advice and put together the right solution to meet the individual needs and operational imperatives of every organisation, from chain of responsibility and shipping security to safety management, quality assurance and environmental management.


We make it simple

At ComplyNow Consulting, we take legislation, Australian and ISO standards, and industry regulations - interpret them, and apply them to your business operations. The requirements are broken down into practical, realistic and achievable processes and put together in systems that work for you. We’ll help you achieve accreditation, minimise risk, improve quality and meet your business goals.

We work with you

Considering compliance is an ongoing part of your business that every one of your employees needs to support and adhere to,  we have capability to provides coaching and training to get your employees on board, introduce ongoing auditing processes and monitor your progress.

We are transparent in the way we work 

We take the time at the beginning of the process to understand the clients need, which enables us to provide an informed quote for the works required. To enable this, we follow a 5 step process.

Principal Credentials

Jovana Obradovic-Tantra

Prior to starting ComplyNow Consulting, our principal Jovana worked with Independent Cement & Lime (ICL), managing safety, health, quality and environmental compliance requirements for three businesses within the ICL group, nine operating sites nationally, and a vast portfolio of high value construction and development projects. 

Over a period of seven years she clearly demonstrated her ability to embed safety, quality, environment and chain of responsibility management as key business priorities, progressing through the organisation to become a member of the executive team. She transformed the culture and approach to compliance, removing the complexity and providing clear, actionable strategies and pathways for employees at every level. 

Key highlights include managing the certification process to achieve IS9001 across the entire company portfolio, introducing risk management strategies, implementing a chain of responsibility system, deploying comprehensive targeted auditing processes, and a High Potential Incident Process.

Safety, Quality and Environment

Prior to this, she spent over three years leading and supporting safety, quality and environmental initiatives to manage and mitigate risk for AECOM. Specialising in high value infrastructure and construction projects, AECOM provided an excellent foundation for broad experience managing compliance amongst a workforce of over 500 staff in Victoria’s metro and regional offices. 

Most significantly, working at AECOM offered Jovana an opportunity to demonstrate her ability to lead the implementation of ISO1400 accreditation, a first for the company nationally. She also assisted with developing risk management strategies for projects such as the Victorian Channel Deepening, M1 Upgrade and Mortlake Power Station projects. 

Jovana’s expertise spans:

  • WHS legislation and standards (AS 4801, plus knowledge of ISO 45001)

  • Environmental (EPA) legislation, regulations and standards (ISO 14001)

  • Chain of Responsibility (COR)

  • National Heavy Vehicle Legislation (NHVL) and Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

  • Maritime Security Regulations (MTOFSA and ISPS Code)

  • Risk Standard (AS ISO 31000)

  • Quality Standard (ISO 9001).

Safety, quality and environmental compliance for your company or your project can seem like an impossible goal, a requirement that every business owner dreads. It doesn’t have to be. Take the stress out of compliance and discover the value of having an objective consultant think outside the box, challenge old ways of doing things and develop new systems that enable compliance in a timely, cost effective manner.