Reddi Hire

Client Background

Reddi Hire traffic management company, a small to medium enterprise in Victoria, was on the cusp of expansion and wanted to secure pre-qualification to provide services for VicRoads projects. The company contracted Comply Now Consulting to liaise with VicRoads and enable compliance with the OHS Act, VicRoads Worksite Traffic Management Pre-qualification Guidelines and Victorian Code of Practice for Worksite Safety – Traffic Management 2010. 


We began by working on the heart of the solution – a comprehensive safety management system. We developed and implemented the new system then undertook an independent review to troubleshoot any issues or concerns. ComplyNow Consulting then worked closely with the client to develop a compelling and professional application for VicRoads, providing advice and training on how to use the safety management system. 


As a result, Reddi Hire has achieved VicRoads pre-qualification in record time, offering the business a competitive advantage when tendering for projects within their scope. Additional outcomes include a well-documented and comprehensive safety management system that Reddi Hire can continue to utilise as their business grows.